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SCK Meritrinity (Pvt) Ltd

In the world of chartering, it’s all about trust and knowing that the individuals you’re working with are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. That is what we think, and it is what has made SCK Meritrinity one of the most well-connected bulk carrier brokers in the world, with BIMCO-certified ship owners and shipbrokers. Our mission is to deliver the best possible service to our clients and to add value to all of our activities. We, at SCK Meritrinity, take pride in guiding our customers and working to assist them while maintaining a highly qualified team of brokers and support staff.


1.DRY BULK CARGO CHARTERING SCK Meritrinity was first set up as a dry chartering desk, using niche skills and information to provide an invaluable service to our clientele. Since its establishment, it has grown both in size as well as coverage, widening its range in both trading regions and cargoes. Having established good relationships with numerous traders and charterers gives us the ability to provide up-to-the-minute information and secure the best options available in the market without compromising our integrity and quality of service. Cargoes covered include: raw materials, grains, fertilizers, steel, and coal.

2. PROJECT CHARTERING With a widespread network of market participants, we are able to bring together the conclusion of even the most specialized needs, providing an opportunity for the fixing of difficult cargo requirements while effectively dealing with challenging negotiations in order to provide the best outcome for all parties involved. We also provide services for extra heavy (generators, wind mills), voluminous (main ducts, yachts), general projects (steel construction), roll stock cargoes (excavators), dangerous cargoes (explosives, etc.), barges, floating cranes, tugs, cement carriers, and several other specialised transportation needs. In distinct cases, we have set up door-to-door services involving projects from ex-works to end users on a worldwide basis, including ocean, air, road, and rail transportation.